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Student Leadership

“Every Beacon Is A Leader”

Stemming from the belief that every Beacon is a Leader responsible for the well-being of oneself, society, and nation building, the schooling experience at Beacon aims to nurture Beacons with the necessary skills and values, providing them with opportunities to lead successfully. Our Student Leadership Programme leverages on Beacon’s SHINE values to provide student leaders with the necessary scaffolding at various tiers, so as to achieve the school’s desired outcomes.  

Prefectorial Board

At the highest tier,   we have the School's Prefectorial Board which comprises a body of student leaders elected by their teachers for their exemplary conduct. They help the school in various school activities like Beacon Achievement Ceremony and P1 Orientation Day. Beyond this, they also play a disciplinary role and help to remind fellow students of their conduct and behaviour. As prefects, they are vested with authority by the school to serve with confidence and
conviction. A series of training programmes, designed to enhance prefects’ skills to organise persuade and lead their peers, ensures that they can serve the school to the maximum of their ability and potential. 

Outstanding prefects who excel in their roles have the opportunity to serve  on the Prefectorial Board. Chosen by the School Leaders and Prefect Mistresses, these prefects will continue to serve to the best of their abilities and commit themselves to becoming dedicated leaders.  

2020 Prefectorial Board

Head Prefect

Liew Hng Kai Jethro     


Vice Head Prefects

Ethan Hun Zhe Kai



Sahirah Darwisyah


Council Members    

Tay Tze Kai



Tristan Chong



Cheong Hwei Kah



Tan Hwee Wen