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Character & Citizenship

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) plays a key aspect in Beacon as the school believes in developing students’ character as a foundation for success. Beacon’s balanced curriculum is achieved through our CCE curriculum that focuses on the cognitive, physical, social and moral, citizenship, leadership, aesthetics and global domains. Apart from achieving the outcomes in the respectives domains, the CCE curriculum aimed at developing social-emotional (SE) competencies, build character and inculcate values that are aligned to the school’s MVV, MOE’s framework for 21st century competencies and outcomes.  

In our efforts to nurture students to be a gracious community of active and creative learners who are global in outlook, grounded in basics and rooted in values, our CCE Department adopts a whole-school approach to ensure students are provided a holistic Beacon experience. With the 3Cs as our guiding principles, ‘Common Language’, ‘Concrete Experience’ and ‘Consistent’, Beacons are provided with opportunities to acquire the school values, SE competencies and NE through our diverse and balanced curriculum. The learning of CCE is infused across the different elements of the school experience, in both the academic as well as non-academic areas. The teaching of CCE is developmental and progressive, with structured programmes for each level, and is delivered through direct teaching, teachable moments and infusion in the following 3 broad areas, ‘Character Development & Well-Being’, ‘National Education’ and ‘Student Management’.