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Leveraging Technology for Engaged Learning – A Blended Approach

Lego blocks showing the three stages of leveraging technology.

A Blended Approach

ICT is a powerful enabler that facilitates and enhances students’ learning. At Beacon, ICT coexist with traditional pen-and-paper approach and is used where it adds value to learning, for example, in providing a collaborative virtual environment for sharing and allowing students access to rich online resources. We recognise importance and relevance of effective classroom instruction as well as the strength of ICT. 

Stage Model – Towards an Ethical, Responsible & Discerning User of Technology

In this networked and globalised world, children are exposed to digital media and devices from a young age. We recognise that it is important to infuse the right values in students when they are at an impressionable age and for teachers to hand-hold and guide them to learn the proper and effective use of ICT.

In Beacon, we adopt a Stage Model to scaffold and guide students to be ethical, responsible and discerning users of ICT in a structured and progressive manner. With the Stage Model approach, students will first learn to use, and when they become adept at using ICT, they will use ICT to facilitate their learning and, eventually, use it to learn and construct knowledge to make meaning of their learning.

B121 Computer Ownership Programme – A Key Programme

The Beacon One-to-One (B121) Computer Ownership Programme aims to equip every student with a Personal Learning Device (PLD) and empower students to learn in meaningful, effective and engaging ways. Equipped with PLDs, students have greater access to digital learning resources and information, and take learning beyond the confines of the classroom. The B121 Computer Ownership Programme enables students’ learning to be more customised and personalis ed. It also gears students towards collaborative, self-directed and independent learning, and promotes the acquisition of 21st Century competencies to prepare them for the interconnected world of the future.