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Giving Every Child a Beacon Experience

Students singing National Day songs.

In Beacon, we give every student a Beacon Experience that is unique and authentic. We strive to cater to the diverse interests and learning needs of our students through different approaches, modes of learning and learning support. By providing students with care and a balanced level of challenge and affirmation, we develop their confidence and ignite the joy of learning in them.

We also focus on values and character development to enable students to develop   holistically and provide them with a moral compass to allow them to navigate in the complex and connected world of tomorrow.

The Beacon Experience is achieved through our forward-looking and balanced curriculum and quality staff, supported by an engaging learning environment, and partners and stakeholders, including parents, working collaboratively with the school to provide students with a diverse learning experience

The BEACON EXPERIENCE is truly about igniting the joy and passion of learning in every child and this is AT THE HEART of what we do in Beacon.