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Curriculum Structure

Our curriculum is delivered through 3 key components of the integrated channels - MAC, INC and WNC:

  • The Standard component covers the core content, knowledge, skills and values. It ensures that our students are well grounded in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy expected of all primary school learners.

  • The Modular component covers school-based programmes designed to make explicit the learning of specific skills through authentic contexts to deepen the understanding in the core subject areas. The Modular component is delivered through teacher-designed modules that focus on the explicit instruction of specific skills and strategies and aim to equip students with additional skill sets that will enhance their proficiency in the respective subject areas. 

  • The Extended/Integrated component includes programmes and activities to enrich or extend students’ learning experiences and nurture the whole child. Through this component, students get the opportunity to participate in both local and overseas learning journeys, and enrichment modules focusing on building their confidence, and collaborative, communication and thinking skills.