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Curriculum Design – An Integrated Approach

A model showing the various departments of Curiculumn.

At Beacon, we strongly believe that the fundamental purpose of education is to nurture the whole person.  The school's curriculum provides every Beacon with learning experiences that will support their holistic development, namely in the cognitive, aesthetics, physical, social and moral, leadership and global domains.

We are cognisant that it is critical for primary level pupils to gain a strong foundation in the core knowledge, skills and values of the respective subject domains.  We also recognise that to meet future challenges, our young learners must extend their learning beyond knowledge, skills and values to develop the ability to envision for the future and contribute to make a difference.  Hence, besides providing a strong academic foundation, we also emphasise on 21st Century competencies such as creativity and innovation, inquiry and reasoning abilities, and holistic health education.

The school anchors the pupils' learning through three key programmes - Media and Arts Channel, Investigative Channel and Wellness Channel.  These provide pupils with a strong foundation in fundamentals and develop in them 21st Century competencies.