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Co-Curriculum Activities

The school believes in the holistic development of every student. CCAs constitute an important aspect in the school’s thrust towards its vision and mission, its core values as well as MOE’s ‘Desired Outcomes of Education’. The CCA programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

To develop students’ character, leadership and lifeskills through authentic and engaging activities;
To provide students a variety of platforms to realise their potential and excel in non-academic pursuits; 
To inculcate a love for Singapore and develop students’ global outlook.

Club & Society
Environmental Science Club
Library Club
Robotics & Innovation Club
Visual Arts Club
Performing Arts
Chinese Dance Club
Malay Dance Club
Arts Media and Design Club
String Ensemble Club
Sports  & Games
Basketball Club
Football Club
Netball Club
Outdoor Activities Club
Tchoukball Club
Wushu Club
Uniform Group


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