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Home-School Partnership

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As in the old African Proverb ‘ It takes a village to raise a child’, parents are key stakeholders in education. It is, therefore, important for parents to work together with the school to realise the desired outcomes of education.

The school adopts the Epstein’s Parental Involvement Model as supporting structure to actively involve and engage parents in 6 broad areas:

  • Parenting – Provide platforms and opportunities for parents to learn good parenting skills
  • Communication – Establish effective communication between school and parents
  • Volunteering – Provide opportunities for parents to contribute to the school and student development
  • Learning at home – Encourage parents to learn with child and emphasise the importance of parental support for child development
  • Decision Making – Encourage parents to give constructive feedback and inputs on school programmes and activities
  • Collaboration with community – Involve parents in community work