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School Security and Safety

All visitors are to observe our school security procedures and report at the security post, before proceeding to the GO to register their visit. All visitors are to display their visitor pass without demand. The classroom blocks are strictly out-of-bounds to non-staff.  Please arrange with staff concerned to fix an appointment before your visit.

Please be reminded that you are not to engage directly with other students, especially concerning issues with discipline and behaviour. We take a serious view on this issue. Should there be any matters of concern, please bring it to the attention of our staff for investigation and resolution.

Traffic and Road Safety

For the safety of students and staff, only those with season parking in the school and school buses are allowed to drive into the school in the morning. This arrangement will also take place during slight drizzle as the school is blessed with a sheltered walkway. However, we will allow cars to drive into the school when the rain is heavy. Thank you for doing so with caution. 

The drop-off point for students who are ferried to school is at Side Gate 2. The students will alight and enter the school via Side Gate 2. Do be prepared and drop off the students swiftly. Please do not get out of the cars to remove bags from the boots or give last-minute instructions, as this will slow down the traffic further. We appeal to you to be considerate to the security guards and staff on duty as they are trying their best to look into the safety of all students.


School Dismissal

The dismissal schedule is planned with the safety of the students in mind. We seek your cooperation and understanding on these arrangements.

GroupDismissal Plan Remarks
P1 to P3Side Gate 1Keep to 3 levels for the safety of younger students.
P4 to P6Side Gate 2

Older students can walk from the sheltered walkway outside school to meet their parents/guardians who could be waiting at Side Gate 1. 

Gate 2 (for vehicles) will remain closed until the school buses leave about 15 mins after dismissal bell. 
Taking School Bus P1 to P3 

P4 to P6
Proceed to the hall. Bus attendants will take the students to the buses. 

Proceed directly to the bus bay to board the buses.
Siblings going home togetherMeet in the school hall before leavingOlder siblings (P4 to P6) are able to leave via Side Gate 1 if they accompany their younger siblings (P1 to P3) out.  
 Student-care centresAssemble in the School HallStaff of student-care centres will walk with students to the centres.