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Open House

We aim to provide our students with the Beacon Experience. This is designed for them to benefit from the rigour of our Singapore education system and be rooted in values while they develop essential 21st Century competencies.

Our mission is to "nurture and inspire our learners to the best of their potential through innovative approaches in an engaging environment". Our aspirations for the students are encapsulated in our vision and desired outcomes.

We envision Beacons as

- Contributors who are able to contribute towards making a positive difference in the community
- Connectors who value the positive relationships they form
- Constructors who are active, creative and inquiring learners
- Conductors who lead by example; and eventually
- Confident learners who possess a passion for learning

In our journey ahead, we look forward to working with all our stakeholders and partners in education as we aspire to be an educational peak of excellence for all.

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