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Lee Kuan Yew All-Round Excellence Award 2022

Beacon Primary School would like to congratulate our former student Josiah Kee Songyi, who graduated in 2021, on receiving the Lee Kuan Yew All-Round Excellence (LKY-ARE) Award 2022. 
The award aims to recognise students' diverse achievements in both academic and non-academic spheres, including contributions to the community. The award was presented by Second Minister for Education Dr Maliki Osman on 29 August 2022. 
Josiah LKYARE.png

North West Outstanding All Rounder Student Award 2022

Josiah Kee Songyi, our former student, who had graduated from the school in 2021, received the North West Outstanding All Rounder Student (OARS) Award. The OARS Award recognises students who have achieved community service, leadership and academic excellence
Josiah Kee NW CDC All Rounder.jpg

Josiah was appointed the Head Prefect for his outstanding character and potential. As the Head Prefect, he lead by example and was an exemplary role model to his peers. He demonstrated the integrity and maturity to analyse problems and issues to make informed decisions in various situations. With an inquisitive and keen mind, he was unfazed by challenging tasks assigned to him. A conscientious and confident student, he set goals for himself and was eager to seek progress. 

Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools 2021

The following students won silver or bronze awards in the Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools 2021 organized by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning.

  • Silver Award - Yu Zichen, Class 3.6
  • Bronze Award - Angel Julia Chee, Class 3.5
  • Bronze Award - Liu Yixin, Class 3.5
  • Bronze Award - Kady Yik, Class 3.5
  • Bronze Award - Teo Huan Ming, Class 4.5

Yu Zichen.jpg Angel Chee.jpg
Liu Yixin.jpg Kady Yik.jpg
Teo Huan Ming.jpg

SORPOR (National Tamil Debate Competition) 2021

Four students represented our school in the SORPOR (National Debate Competition) organised by the Tamil Representative Council. They have demonstrated confidence and strong debating skills during the competition. Congratulations!

  • Nithya Sree Saravanan, Class 4.5
  • Elango Manisha, Class 5.4
  • Selvakarthik Kathir, Class 5.4
  • Thamilvanan Sahaanashri, Class 6.6

Elango Manisha.jpg Nithya Sree Saravanan.jpg
Selvakarthik Kathir.jpg Thamilvanan Sahaanashri.jpg

Graduation from the Junior Sports Academy (JSA) 2021

We are pleased to share that 4 of our students have graduated from the JSA programme. These students have participated in a two-year programme where they learn how to play different types of sports by going for extra training during the weekends. They have also learned through sport education modules about nutrition and prevention of common sports injuries. We hope that these 4 students will continue with their sporting pursuits in secondary school and beyond.

  • Aqil Izz Anaqi Bin Mohammad Zaki, Class 6.6
  • Erica Chia Xin Zhi, Class 6.3
  • Muhammad Waldan Bin Rahmat, Class 6.3
  • Ryan Syabir Kurniawan, Class 6.2
  • Thamilvanan Sahaanashri, Class 6.6

Aqil Izz Anaqi Bin Mohammad Zaki.jpg Erica Chia Xin Zhi.jpg Muhammad Waldan Bin Rahmat.jpg
Ryan Syabir Kurniawan.jpg Thamilvanan Sahaanashri 1.jpg

Student Achievements in the National School Games (NSG) 2021

We have 2 students who have represented the school in the NSG this year. Besides putting in the hard work for their training, these students have shown that they are able to manage their time well by balancing both training and studies. Well done, Rain and Maryse!

NSG Wushu Competition - Rain Teo, Class 6.6

  • 1st in the ‘4-Duan Spear’ event
  • 2nd in the ‘1st International Changquan’ event

Rain Teo.jpg
NSG Bowling Competition - Toh Si Man Maryse, Class 5.5

  • 10th (out of 80 competitors)

Toh Si Man Maryse.jpg

North West Outstanding All Rounder Student Awards 2021

Two of our former students, who had graduated from the school in 2020, received the North West Outstanding All Rounder Student (OARS) Award. The OARS Award recognises students who have achieved community service, leadership and academic excellence.

Liew Hng Kai Jethro.jpeg

Liew Hng Kai Jethro

Jethro was appointed the Head Prefect for his outstanding character and contribution to the school. As Head Prefect, he exemplifies the school values and displays a genuine concern for the welfare of his schoolmates. Jethro's commitment to giving his best in the tasks assigned to him and consistent performance throughout his studies is highly commendable. He displays depth in reasoning and perspective-thinking, and collaborates well with others during peer-learning.

Carrene Tan Ying Jia.jpeg
Carrene Tan Ying Jia

Carrene is a pleasant and well-mannered student who exemplifies the school values. She builds positive relationship with others, and displays sincerity and respect in her interactions with others. An analytical thinker and a self-directed learner, Carrene makes valuable contributions to class discussions. She internalises concepts learnt and takes ownership for her own learning. Carrene has received the Akela Award for her contributions and knowledge of the Scouting movement in Singapore.

NDP 2020 Funpack Artwork Contest

As part of the National Education activities leading up to the National Day Parade on 9 August 2020, the NDP2020 EXCO, together with MOE’s Character and Citizenship Education Branch, organised the NDP 2020 Funpack Artwork Contest during the recent May school holiday. This contest was open to all Primary 5 students in Singapore. Their artwork had to reflect the theme: Emerging Stronger Together!

Only 10 artworks were shortlisted among the nation-wide entries. Among the 10, Beacon Primary School's Ong Yi En's artwork was one of them!

NDP Fun Pack 2020.jpg

Yi En's artwork is titled, "Hands Up for Singapore". Her artwork symbolises the zest and enduring spirit of unity that Singaporeans possess when overcoming challenges.

Each hand is distinct in its representation of the theme. On the extreme left, the mouth-watering chilli crab, tutu kueh, satay, chicken rice and roti prata represent some of our local delicacies, and by extension, the richness of our multicultural society. To the extreme right, Singapore’s distinctive national icons such as the Merlion, the Singapore Flyer and Vanda Miss Joaquim were depicted to remind us of our national identity. Taking centre stage, are the illustrations on the middle hand. It is a representation of our frontline heroes whom Yi En has great respect for.

Well done, Yi En, Beacon is proud of you!

2019 Sony Creative Science Award

Liu Moshi and Ng Zhi Jie, Nigel of P4.2 have won the Merit Award in the WhizKid Category for the Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA). SCSA is Singapore’s largest national toy-making competition for primary school students, jointly organised by the Science Centre Singapore and the Sony Group of Companies in Singapore, with the support of the Ministry of Education. The boys have designed Fisyringe, a toy based on science concepts that they have learned in school. Well done, Moshi and Nigel!


2019 Akela Award for Beacon

Muaz'zam Bin Azman from P6.3 is awarded Akela Award. This is the highest award for a Cub Scout (aged 7-12) who shows good general knowledge of scouting and successfully completes an interview with the District Commissioner. Congratulations, Muaz'zam! You have indeed made your mark.


2019 BCPS Malay Dancers Shine at Gemilang Tari Si Cilik

Our Malay Dancers took part in Gemilang Tari Si Cilik (Traditional Malay Dance Competition For Primary School) on 21st Sept 2019. They won the 2nd position! Well done, girls!

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-21 at 19.56.50.jpeg

Beacon Tchoukball Team Ace National Primary Schools Tchoukball Championship

The senior girls' team took part in the SPH Foundation National Primary Schools Tchoukball Championship and cliched the 1st position 4th.
Our senior Boys from Tchouckball Team also did well by emerging 1th in the Bowl Division in the same competition.

Beacon Art Media Design @ National Primary School Photo Competition

Our budding photographers from Art Media Design Club participated in the 9th National Primary School Photo Competition under the theme "Nature through our lens". One of them had even won a merit award. Good job!

Beacon Wushu Team   @ Wushu Competition 2019

Our Wushu Team kept the BCPS Flag flying at the recent Wushu Competition 2019. They had won prizes in both in both individual and group events. Well done!


Beacon Visual Arts Club Makes Their Mark at SYF

Our Primary 3 to 6 pupils from Visual Arts Club participated in the Singapore Youth Festival. The artwork, titled "We Love Our Country", submitted by the upper primary team has been selected to be exhibited at the Singapore Youth Festival 2019 Art Exhibition.


Beacon Robotics and Innovation Club Shines at IDE Junior Maker

During the March holidays, two teams of students from Robotics & Innovation Club participated in the annual IDE Junior Maker (Micro:bit project) competition. It was held on 21 March 2019 at F1 pit. The theme for this year is improving the lives of elderly.

Our young members who are in the middle primary, competed with students from other schools and enrichment centres. Despite being amateurs in the field, one of the team's innovative prototype and engaging presentation won the hearts of the judges. They managed to win the Third Prize which includes a medal and $30 worth of vouchers for each member.

image003.png image004.png

Beacon Choir @ Voices of Singapore Festival

For the first time, Beacon Primary School Choir participated in the Voices of Singapore Festival at the Chijmes Hall on 18 March 2019. At this Festival, our Beacon choir performed on the 4th section of Day 1.

This event showcases a total of 4000 singers from Choirs of all ages and all walks of life from Primary and Secondary schools as well as other institutions. Our Beacon Choir performed two songs; Burung Kakak Tua and Rasa Sayang Medley, arranged by our choir mistress, Mrs. Rosita Oskars and Why We Sing. Indeed this music-making experience with other choristers had provided our students with memorable shared memories.

20190318_124323.jpg 20190318_155014.jpg