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What are the school facilities?

Beacon Primary School is undergoing the Primary Education Review and Implementation
 (PERI) Committee upgrade. The school has new design norms such as dance and performing
 arts studios, as well as an outdoor jogging path. These facilities support the delivery of 
holistic education, and facilitate engaged learning in both the academic and co-curriculum 
areas. Students can look forward to new facilities that will support educational approaches, 
which encourage more interaction and self-discovery, and facilitate experiential and 
hands-on learning. The new facilities also better support differentiated learning, to meet 
the learning needs of different groups of students.


What are the CCAs offered?

  • Arts, Media and Design Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Chinese Dance Club
  • Choir
  • English Language Drama and Debate Society
  • Environmental Science Club
  • Football Club
  • Library Club
  • Malay Dance Club
  • Netball Club
  • New Media Club
  • Outdoor Activities Club
  • Robotics & Innovation Club
  • Scouts
  • Ukulele Club
  • Tchoukball Club
  • Visual Arts Club
  • Wushu

What are the school’s starting and dismissal time for students?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 7.45 am to 1.30 pm
Tuesday: 7.45 am to 3pm
Students are to report to school by 7.30am. Flag raising is at 7.45am.

How can I communicate with my child/ward’s teachers?

Your child/ward will receive a letter from his/her Form Teacher at the start of the 
academic year. In the letter, the Form Teacher will provide his/ her email address. 
Do keep the teacher’s letter for reference. Alternatively, you may write to the school 
via the school’s email address and indicate the name of the teacher you wish the email 
to be directed to. You may also call the General Office and leave a message for the 
teacher concerned.

What are the types of food available in the school canteen?

The stalls in the canteen serve:

  • Muslim cooked food (rice, assorted dishes and noodles)
  • Chinese cooked food (rice, assorted dishes and noodles)
  • Cold drinks and cut fruits
  • Hot drinks and sandwiches

Although the school does not have a dedicated stall selling vegetarian food, students 
who are on a vegetarian diet may purchase the required food from the stalls selling 
Chinese cooked food and snacks. Students with special or strict dietary requirements 
are encouraged to bring their own food.

What must I do if I need to bring my child/ward home early?

Students will only be allowed to leave the school premises early if accompanied by an 
authorised adult. The adult fetching the child must report to the office and fill in the 
necessary form(s) before leaving the school compound. Please do inform the Form 
Teacher in advance if you know that you need to fetch your child/ward early. 
Students are NOT allowed to leave the school on their own even if they have valid 
reasons to do so.

Can my child/ward bring a mobile phone or other electronic gadgets to school?  

 The school discourages students from bringing such items to school so that they do 
not distract themselves and others during school hours. Such items are brought at the 
students’ own risk and the school will not be responsible for any loss or damage. 
Students can use the pay phone located next to the school bookshop if they need to 
contact their parents/guardians on urgent matters.

Primary 1 Registration 

For FAQs related to the P1 registration procedures, please refer to: