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Principal's Message

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Mr Ong Hong Ghee (VP/EO), Ms Pang Wee Mian (P), Mdm Lela Shamsuhadi (VP/EO), Mdm Florence Goh (VP/A)

Welcome to Beacon Primary School’s website.


I am honoured to be posted to Beacon Primary in 2019 as the second principal of the school after heading St Margaret’s Primary for seven years. I would like to thank the Founding Principal, Ms Lim Boon Cheng, for the arduous task of setting up a new school, especially one without precedent.


Beacon Primary School was specially built for the FutureSchools@Singapore (FS@SG) programme in 2008. Its aims were to test out innovative approaches and harness the benefits of technology to enhance the learning of its students and staff. Although FS@SG programme had officially stopped in 2014, Beacon Primary continues to build upon its strengths in the creative use of media-rich resources and promotion of collaborative and independent learning.


As the name suggests, Beacon Primary aspires to be the guiding light for its students and staff. The school works together to groom and prepare the students to be confident and useful members of society, and the staff to be competent and caring professionals.


As a school, we work together as a ‘village’ through our Culture of Care to nurture our students.  Our four Strategic Thrusts (STs) serve to focus our energy on achieving this end. 


Strategic Thrust 1: Developing Character, a Foundation for Success


We recognize the importance of mental toughness, discernment and responsible attitude in providing a strong base for achievements in life. The increasing and widespread influence of social media has added to the urgency and challenges in addressing these needs. Hence, a concerted effort in planning and delivering programmes to build the character of the students is our priority.


Strategic Thrust 2: Providing Meaningful and Relevant Learning Experiences


We give emphasis to the total experience of the students in our school. The encounters that our students have should be purposefully and meaningfully planned. Every interaction each student has with another person or the environment is an opportunity to share and learn something.


We aim to provide a curriculum that equips our students with the knowledge, skills and values that help them manage, discern and appropriately use the influx of information around them as well as social skills to work with others. 


Strategic Thrust 3: Building Competent and Caring Staff


The contributing factors to achieving ST1 and ST2 are a competent and caring staff as well as a strong partnership with stakeholders. The school is not just a place for the learning of the students but also a place for the growth of the staff. The school provides the platforms for the staff to learn from one another and from others beyond school. The competency and continuous growth of the staff define the scope of the learning of the students. We care for the growth and well-being of our staff and our staff extend this care to our students.


Strategic Thrust 4: Fostering Strong Partnership


Besides the staff of the school and parents, all others who interact with our students on a regular basis form part of this ‘village’ that educate them. These would include coaches, instructors, contract cleaners, security guards, canteen vendors, bookshop attendant and school bus drivers. We see the importance of engaging our parents and partners to build understanding and synergy for the growth of our students.


Finally, it is a privilege to serve in school, tough though it may be. Our work of moulding the future of our nation will not end, but the joy of each small progress gives us new energy to carry on.    


Pang Wee Mian (Ms)