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Message From School Leaders

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Mr Ong Hong Ghee (VP), Ms Pang Wee Mian (P), Mdm Lela Shamsuhadi (VP)

The last two years have seen us being tested sorely by the pandemic. We are constantly on the alert to pivot to new safety measures and doing things differently. In doing so, we are proud that our staff and students have learned resilience and appreciation of simple joys of life such as spending more time with loved ones and oneself.

Despite the disruptions, we do our best to ensure that learning takes place and that both staff and students have meaningful learning experiences in school. Home-based learning provides opportunities for staff to transfer learning and reach students in more varied ways. We are heartened that most students exhibited great dexterity on the e-learning platforms and some have displayed greater attention and motivation. The information and photographs on the school website are a testament to the rigour of learning the school has continued to provide for our students.

Even as we look forward to life after the pandemic, we are committed to doing our best as a school to bring joy of learning, sharing and performing to all members of the Beacon community.

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