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Core Values and Desired Outcomes

We aim for every Beacon to exemplify the core values of ‘Serve with Compassion, Honour Relationships with Integrity, Innovate with Passion, Navigate with Resourcefulness and Excel through Ownership in Learning’. Our core values serve as a moral compass to guide the Beacon Learning Community, both staff and students, towards the attainment of our Desired Outcomes.

  • A Contributor who Serves with Compassion and is aware that he/she has a responsible part to play in society, and that every contribution is valued and needed to make a difference.

  • A Connector who Honours Relationships with Integrity and builds positive relationships with peers and others, and values these bonds.

  • A Constructor who Innovates with Passion and makes meaning of his/her learning with an inquiring mind, constructs knowledge from his/her learning experiences.

  • A Conductor who Navigates with Resourcefulness, is a role model for positive behaviour and displays leadership qualities; respects and leverages the talents of others.

  • A Confident Learner who Excels through Ownership in Learning and builds the foundation for him/her to be a passionate and an independent lifelong learner who strives for excellence.